GUE Project Nuttlar started in 2013 with a team of GUE  instructors, divers, and friends led by GUE President Jarrod Jablonski, and it has continued once a year ever since. The project is focused on exploring and surveying a slate mine in Nuttlar, Sauerland, mid-Germany.  

Since 2013, the mine has been open to certified cave divers.  The project’s survey map is intended to serve as a tool for the visiting cave divers to plan their dives in the mine. In 2015, the third expedition of the project took place, and the team met up again for four days to continue working on the survey map especially on the more remote area of the mine.  This video gives a nice insight into the project course and surveywork in 2015.

Video realisation: Niko Gerdau, Stephan Matthies
Voice-over: Jens-Uwe Lamm, Sharanne Wheeler

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The project was also covered at GUE's project reports of 2016 and 2017:

The current survey maps of the mine can be downloaded here: