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Chip's Hole: Cave Diving in Florida

Join WKPP divers Casey McKinlay and Jarrod Jablonski as they take on Chip's during the 2005-06 season to extend the exploration through tight, twisting passages, deep mounds of black silt, and the giant chambers of this unique system known as "Pipeline." North Florida's Chip's Hole cave system might not have the recognition of the massive Leon Sinks system to the north or the Wakulla Springs system to the southeast, but it is the place where legendary divers like Sheck Exley set the bar for extreme underwater cave exploration. Chip's requires single-minded determination as WKPP explorers push over 16,000 feet back into a raging siphon in their attempt to link Chip's Hole with the nearby Leon Sinks cave south of Turner Sink. Runtime: 32 Minutes