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EKPP: Pozo Azul 2008 - Cave Diving in Spain

In spring and summer of 2008, the European Karst Plain Project (EKPP) organized two projects at the Pozo Azul Cave in northern Spain. Their objective was to further explore, survey, and document the cave system. In April, the team added a complete reel of line during a first push dive. This dive required over 8 hours in the water, including 4 hours of bottom time. The maximum depth reached was 70 meters (230 feet). In August, the team had to deal with obstructed access to the cave and equipment failure, but spent a lot of time filming in the cave. Between adding nearly 500 meters of new and surveyed line and a well-documented second project, it was a very sucessful year in Spain. The total explored length of the cave is now 5,020 meters, making it the second-longest underwater cave in Europe. This film covers the August project. Follow the team while they transport their gear to the second sump of the cave and set up for a push dive. Video editing & music: JP Bresser www.ekpp.org Runtime: 47 Minutes